About Us

In 2008 Red Griffin opened its doors as an entertainment firm where creation and humanity could come together. As a group of individuals who have myriad talents, we are dynamic and committed to producing the best in everything we do. From music, event, and video production to advertising, promotions and social media management, we strive to bring a unique perspective and edge to our work. In between moments of brainstorming and creating you may find our down-to-earth team attending local writer’s rounds, sharing laughs over lunch or watching ridiculous Youtube videos. We take pride in being real people with a common sense and innovative approach that you want to work with. Professionally, we are able to see the first and last step for any project as well as every detail along the way. Personally, we are full of the passion and diversity that are uncommon in our industry. Under one roof, smack dab in the middle of Music Row, Red Griffin is the most relevant, capable and willing team. We are ready and equipped to take on your next adventure!


President and Creative Director

Easily Distracted & Self Entertained

As founder and president of Red Griffin Entertainment, Baley Allred leads our creative team with a remarkable passion and drive for turning dreams into reality. With skills to make him as diverse and capable as his team, Baley is a true jack-of-all-trades, balancing one hundred ideas while carrying himself with the kind of grace most people don’t find in this industry.

As an attorney, composer, television producer, event planner, architectural designer, constant creator and successful entrepreneur, Baley is the most approachable professional. With a relevant and stylistic eye, a fierce determination to bring projects to their highest platform, and a mind full of lofty ideas he is always quickly and successfully accomplishing his next goal. Baley is the positive and innovative leader behind this company.

He has used streamlined execution and energetic creativity to make a name for himself. Giving attention to detail that most CEOs gloss over, he will never cease to do everything necessary to give his clients the absolute best service. With experience in just about every entrepreneurial venture, Baley is wise beyond his years and able to provide his team with the honesty and direction necessary for Red Griffin to be a present force in today’s entertainment industry.


Vice President and Senior Talent Agent

Straight Shooter, Prone To Excitement

Cyndi Bock brings over 20 years of experience in broadcast media and talent representation to our team. With an eagerness to “make it happen” and a dedication to bring the best talent to our company, Cyndi lives every moment ready for the next thing headed her way.

Prior to stepping behind the scenes of the entertainment industry as a talent agent, Cyndi spent several years in the spotlight herself, covering weekend news and sports in Florida. It was there that she became the first woman television sports reporter admitted into the men’s locker room for coverage of the Miami Dolphins football. She then went on to procure some of the top talent in the country for a variety of the entertainment industry’s biggest productions. Now, as our talent representative, Cyndi’s selective and trained eye helps us at Red Griffin secure the perfect person for the project at hand, all to insure that we make a memorable impression for each of our clients.

Beyond her commitment to fitness and affection for chocolate, Cyndi’s first love is her passion for sharing life with both old and ever new-found friends. You may even find her enjoying her time back in front of the camera these days. Always with a spring her step and a huge smile on her face Cyndi encompasses all the enthusiasm and joy that we aim to bring to all of our projects.


Music & Media Director

Lost in a Song, Surprisingly Industrious

As a daughter of the South in the sixties, even her name sounds as if it were lifted from the pages of a Tennessee Williams play. Kenya Walker has followed her dream of contributing through the arts with passion and persistence. With years of experience in Songwriting, Performing, Digital Nonlinear Editing as a Freelance Filmmaker, Visual Arts, Web Media and Key Note Speaking, we could not ask for a better Music & Media Director.

Since moving to Nashville, Kenya has been a staff writer for Maypop Music, Hayes Street, BMG Music, and Big Yellow Dog/Sony Music. Her dynamic performance style and masterful writing technique helped Kenya become a favorite amongst songwriters very early on. She has seen the entertainment industry thrive and waver and is always ahead of the curve in a changing, fast-paced, media-driven world. With many entrepreneurial successes under her belt, from national television contributions to hit songwriting credits, she has much to offer our clients. Her visual expertise serves to make sure our film work is examined in the finest detail and her musical prowess guides the direction for artists and songwriters alike.

Kenya feels most inspired when working with young musicians and writers to help them find their place. Her Alabaman honesty is bold and her persistence even bolder as she shares her passion. With her quick wit, a cup of tea in one hand and a bag full of Georgia peaches in the other, Kenya is a living entertainer and one of the most inventive, visceral and passionate people you’ll ever meet. 


Staff Writer & Project Manager

Word-Slinger, Undiscovered Superstar

Megan Rasmussen’s young blood is enthusiastic and misleading. This go-getter started at the young age of 13 recording original music in Hollywood. Three years later she was eating ostrich meatballs in Kenya. Two years after that she was hiking down the Grand Canyon and now she is living and breathing like a true wannabe hipster in Nashville.

Fresh off the school grind with a degree in Commercial Music and an emphasis in Music Business, Megan is ready to take on the world. As our project manager and newest Red Griffin team member she is our girl with the gift for gab, always one step ahead as her talent comes so effortlessly in her many skills. As our staff writer she offers a fresh perspective, lyrical insight and creative content to her work by creating blogs, blurbs, eBlasts, bios and one-liners for our diverse group of clients.

Megan’s interests reflect her talents, which is to say they are vast. From songwriting to kickboxing, when she’s not in the office she is probably coloring in the park, dancing to hip hop music from 2006, eating pizza with friends or planning a solution for world hunger and animal abuse. She is truly the fun loving and random ray of California sunshine we have been missing.


Video Director

Honey Badger, Carries a Magic Carpet Bag

With a plethora of experiential success and creativity in business, Vicki Durham is much more than an expert videographer. She easily focuses on adapting to an ever-changing world of technological expansion. Her love for telling a story through images, color editing and photo finishing are extremely unique and useful to our team.

As a native Georgian, Vicki found her way to Nashville almost 20 years ago and began her creative career as an executive for Hitseekers Music. Over time Vicki moved her way up the management ladder, all the while expanding her own career skills into new areas. With her unique experience in both management and technology, along with her ability to learn any new skill and solve any problem, Vicki is the perfect video director!

At any moment you may find Vicki quietly working on creative editing or scheming away on her latest hands-on brainchild. If it’s building or research, Vicki’s mechanical mind is always at work and never seems to sleep. As a professional trouble-shooter with a willingness to help absolutely anyone, she and her never-ending bag of tricks make up one strong asset, giving us a competitive advantage with one of the most versatile videographers Nashville has to offer.


Graphic Design & Project Manager

Uber Persistent, Distracted by Shiny Objects

Talitha Koger is our “nose to the grindstone” in just about every way. With a willingness to take charge, a head full of great ideas and an eye for detail, she never misses a beat until her job is done. With 12 years of experience under her belt, this Southern girl has everything we need to complete the creative team here at Red Griffin.

Born with a passion for art, Talitha obtained a degree in computer art and graphic design. Her wide range of skills have allowed her to expand her portfolio to include campaign marketing, photography, photo restoration, set design, traditional art, customer service, communication and so much more. Talitha encompasses the diversity within our clientele better than anyone.

In love with all things girly, you may find Talitha thrift shopping like a pro for her next project or honing in on her writing skills for her novel. She is both sweet and bold, never afraid to learn something new or ask for anything. Talitha’s no-fear approach and loyal commitment allow us to pull off the things even we didn’t think we could and meet the needs of our clients with efficiency and creativity.


Social Media

Resident Fashionista, Closet Rebel

If anyone has an eye for aesthetics and detail, it’s Kate Neal. With an impressive amount of experience at such a young age, some of Kate’s strongest skills include retail merchandising, photo collaborating and implementing marketing strategies. For Red Griffin she is our social media maven and style guru, bringing her effortless and minimalistic approach to our team.

As an entrepreneurship student of Belmont University, Kate believes it is important to stay current in the world of business. She wants to push the boundaries of modern trends and concepts while remaining realistic and approachable. She thrives on the endless possibilities that we at Red Griffin encounter. Our fast-paced and growing industry, along with our diverse clientele, is the perfect challenge for her to stay on top of what is relevant and set new trends.

Kate is introspective but always silently planning her next move with a stroke of genius. She is the person we turn to when we need a reference for the best taco in town, the latest rap song, or some inspiration for a creative edge on a project. You may find her at Starbucks reading the latest issue of Vogue or at the newest juice bar socializing with friends.


Web Designer

Mischief-Maker, Creature of Habit

Blake Maberry is no stranger to problem solving. He grew up working in his family’s HVAC business and always had to be on top of the next solution. In the midst of falling in love with the ever-changing world of new technologies Blake fell in love with his high-school sweetheart. They are now married with two beautiful daughters.

As a self-taught freelance web designer, Blake has been committed to web design since 2012. He finds his escape within the style tags and hexi-decimals of coding, and we aren’t kidding when we say he is working his dream job. On top of his coding and graphic skills, always taking on new challenges, he also lends his creative eye to our team as a drone pilot and videographer.

On any given day you can find Blake humming along to every song on the radio, making his standard order to Jimmy John’s, and quoting Forrest Gump. With a little mischief, an infectious laugh, and his relaxed composure he makes every client feel right at home.