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We always have something we are passionate about, have a word of wisdom we want to share, or maybe a humorous thought we couldn’t hold back. This is where we come to let it all out. Thanks for indulging us in our digressions! We hope you enjoy.

1 City, 1 Million Possibilities The stereotypical internships where you exist solely to grab coffee, mop floors, and restock the fridge are definitely out there. Trust me, I’ve been there. But you might be thinking, Eh, I’ll suck it up for a couple weeks because it’ll all be worth

Instagram NAILED it! Hand to I-phone, picture to Instagram, and fingers to keyboard, I will be taking you with me on my little adventures around the great city of Nashville, Tennessee. Through images and words, I will give you details of my experiences so you will know where

Song Fix! Song Bliss! I adore great songs and their wonderful parts, and the different creative processes that can occur in creating them. From solitaire songwriting, or co-writing, to the journey that unfolds while creating them, I definitely have a reverence for a song that

colorful lights bursting over my head. It seems as though I have always discovered the most unlikely of places to find inspiration.

Trust me when I say, “This is not going where you might expect.”

In the midst of all the entertainment perfectly coordinated to steal my attention, I managed to escape the trance, stop, and look around. Thousands of people were enamored by the theatrics of it all, almost every person smiling and lost in a fantasy world created by one man, or at least that was the way I saw it. And at that moment in time, I became fascinated with the influence of this man—the fact that thousands of people flock to his parks around the world every day of the year, his company…

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Concrete Inspiration

from:Confessions of a Wingman

Why Every Successful Endeavor Has A Backup

Behind every successful person, you’ll find a wingman. He or she has one duty: Help the bait to win the prize. That means going to any number of lengths to divert disaster or overcome the obstacles. This is the story of how I came to understand this principle.

I found myself sitting—exhausted—on the concrete, almost smothered by the people around me, the sound of music overtaken by the booming