Why Every Successful Endeavor Has A Backup

Behind every successful person, you’ll find a wingman. He or she has one duty: Help the bait to win the prize. That means going to any number of lengths to divert disaster or overcome the obstacles. This is the story of how I came to understand this principle.

I found myself sitting—exhausted—on the concrete, almost smothered by the people around me, the sound of music overtaken by the booming colorful lights bursting over my head. It seems as though I have always discovered the most unlikely of places to find inspiration.

Trust me when I say, “This is not going where you might expect.”

In the midst of all the entertainment perfectly coordinated to steal my attention, I managed to escape the trance, stop, and look around. Thousands of people were enamored by the theatrics of it all, almost every person smiling and lost in a fantasy world created by one man, or at least that was the way I saw it. And at that moment in time, I became fascinated with the influence of this man—the fact that thousands of people flock to his parks around the world every day of the year, his company a media giant, shaping the experiences and memories of past, present, and future generations to come.

This revelation led me on a journey to discover what made a man like Walt Disney so ingenious, to a point he could influence so many. Was it his vision, communication style, or brilliant storytelling that made him so successful? What was the secret that he possessed? In the months to come, I began to read articles about Walt Disney. I read his biography and studied up on the Walt Disney Company, their brand, mentality, and practices. The journey didn’t lead me down the road I expected, but it was very enlightening.

What I surmised from this journey was that there were three major factors that contributed to Walt Disney’s success. I ultimately believe that these factors can be the key to success for any entrepreneurial spirit.

The Prize
First, Disney had an unbridled commitment and focus to the fruition of a single cause. No cost was too high or obstacle too wide. In our individual efforts to achieve our goals, we must stay focused on that singular purpose and not become distracted or accept anything less than absolute “Real McCoy.”

The Bait
In order to obtain the prize, you must have the right bait. Disney consistently produced a product of only the highest quality. This establishes value and, in our efforts, it is paramount to our success. Without a valuable product or service of unique quality, we can’t win the prize.

The Wingman
Although you may have the perfect bait, the journey and acquisition of the prize seldom occurs without adequate support to overcome the obstacles. Enters “The Wingman.” Walt’s brother, Roy Disney, was the backup who handled the business affairs for Walt and ultimately brought his dreams to life. Roy, along with the team Walt aligned behind him was the ultimate reason for Walt’s success. Walt Disney understood that he couldn’t play every role. He may have carried the vision, but it took support to make that vision a reality.

That’s where this blog title came from. I’ve spent a lifetime (and now make a living) supporting the dreams of others and helping to make those dreams come true. If you’re an individual, a professional, a small business, an artist, or anyone who has a special talent, vision, valuable product, or service to offer, then you need a wingman to close the deal on the prize. The wingman’s value can’t be measured, and his contribution may be the key to reaching your goal.

I hope these words can be an inspiration for all you dreamers out there. Stay tuned to learn more about my revelations as a professional wingman.