I adore great songs and their wonderful parts, and the different creative processes that can occur in creating them. From solitaire songwriting, or co-writing, to the journey that unfolds while creating them, I definitely have a reverence for a song that forces you to fall in love with it. Often it is for various reasons, and they come when you least expect it. I’ve pulled over to the side of the road many times because I heard something so amazing. Something was coming from my radio that caused my driving to be emotionally impaired. Yes it’s true! I am enamored with the unfolding of a divinely written song, no matter who the writer or writers happen to be.

My appreciation for the producers who understand that the songs production is guided by the raw essence of the song is never ending. All the people in the music business who honor the importance of a polished and completed song are among my biggest heroes and dearest friends. They understand what it means to perfect a song so that it has the best chance of growing up to become a timeless, memorable recording,

I also get excited about an unforgettable performance of a great song, one where the live interpretation is so poignant and unique that you have a hard time even imagining anyone else could ever sing it better. Thank goodness for cameras to capture the moment.

One of the best parts of my days on Music Row is meeting up with another song junkie. It starts with a message that they’ve found “one,” and its gonna blow me away! Later in the day, we get in the car, ride to some local restaurant parking lot, and stop the car with anticipation. My buddy might give a brief introduction, or not, of where he scored this newly recorded gem he’s not suppose to have a copy of. Then finally, we play the song…feeling it, living it, crying when we least expected for the beauty of it, clenching our fists, hugging ourselves, laughing out loud, every emotion in us comes out of this completely open hearted experience. That’s the biggest part of the joy! We let that song have its way with our mind, body, and soul. Our emotions are unleashed for three to five minutes. Then we talk about it, the same way we might talk about how much we like our new best friend that has just made it to the big time. All evening we bask in the perfection of it, grateful for hearing another “one.” Although we can’t help questioning how we might have done it differently, we are the witnesses. We are alive, living in a town where we can’t get enough and there is always another masterpiece . . .Song Fix! Song Bliss!

The best teacher is an open ear and a loyal listener.

Great Song Appreciation… there’s not another thrill like it. For a songwriter that aspires to be the best, there is no better teacher than an open ear and a loyal listener who learns the art of recognizing what makes a song great. Someday you may get lucky enough to be listening to “one” of those great songs, just to realize four bars into the listening session that it’s your very own.